thermopile array

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for the manufacturing of thermopile infrared arrays with highest quality, heimann sensor has the world’s most advanced technology for realizing low-cost/high-performance thermal imaging solutions. we offer a wide range of products ranging from small infrared arrays with 8×8 elements, medium sized arrays with 16×16 and 32×32 elements to larger thermopile infrared arrays with up to 80×64 and 120×84 elements for higher spatial resolutions. all our thermopile infrared array sensor chips can be combined with different optics. they provide either wide fields-of-view with over 90° or narrow fields-of-view for measurements and detection from a greater distance

all our thermopile infrared arrays have a built-in eeprom for storage of calibration data. our 8×8 arrays are installed inside a tinyto-46 housing while our medium sized arrays are mounted in a still small to-39. due to their digital i²c interface, our small- and medium-sized arrays need only four pins for power supply and data transmission. our large arrays fit into a to-8 housing with 6 pins, communicate via an spi interface and can be operated up to 40 hz.