pyroelectric sensors

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pyroelectric single-element and multi-channel infrared detectors from heimann sensor are designed for usage in spectroscopy, pyrometry and security engineering applications. very high values of specific detectivity d* in the range of 10 9 cm hz 1/2 w -1are achieved by using modern ion beam etching technology for extremely thin elements. the great variety of infrared sensor constructions makes it possible to realize custom-made solutions for moderate and large quantities with excellent price-performance ratio

our pyroelectric single sensors are based on lithium tantalate and show a very high sensitivity of up to 10 9 cm hz 1/2 w -1. round and square elements are available with diameters or sides as listed below:


  •    0.5 mm
  •    1 mm
  •    2 mm
  •    3 mm

sensors with two, three or four different spectral channels are available. the channels can be equipped with either heimann sensor standard optical filters or customized infrared filters according to a customer specification. the two- and three-channel sensors are also offered with thermal compensation.

heimann sensor’s pyroelectric linear arrays are hybrid detectors with 128 or 256 responsive lithium tantalate elements and a multiplexing read out integrated circuit. the 128 element linear array has a pitch of 100 µm and element sizes of 90 µm x 100 µm, 90 µm x 500 µm or 90 µm x 1000 µm. the 256 element linear array has a 50 µm pitch and an element size of 42 µm x 100 µm. the pyroelectric chip and the read out circuit are arranged in a metal hermetic package with an infrared window that determines the spectral sensitivity.