hts multichannel series

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the hts multichannel series provide two or four independent sensor elements for multichannel gas concentration measurements in a small to-39 metal housing. typically, one to three channels are equipped with gas specific filters with different center wavelengths (cwl). the other channel serves as a reference and is equipped with a filter with cwl at which no absorption occurs. in general, a broad band filter will result in a high signal output, whereas a narrow band filter with low half power bandwidth (hpbw) will allow high measurement accuracy.
  • small leadless smd package
  • integrated asic with analog output
  • integrated linear temperature reference
  • large number of optical filter options
  • large operating range -20°c to 120°c
  • ideal for gas concentration measurements

 hts q21hts e21hts e31unit
element size1.2²1.2²2.1²mm²
voltage response6363115v mm² / w
sensitivity444426v / w
resistance rtp848484kohm
tc of resistance rtp0.020.020.02% / k
noise373738nv / hz½
detectivity1.4e81.4e81.5e8cm hz½ / w
time constant101018ms
thermistor reference100100100kohm
temp. coeff. of thermistor394039403940k
operating temperature-20 .. 120-20 .. 120-20 .. 120°c
storage temperature-40 .. 120-40 .. 120-40 .. 120°c

gas concentration measurements

gascwl in nmhpbw in nmfilter
ch₄3300 160f3.3/160
co4640180 f4.64/180
- (ref.)391090f3.91/90