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we offer standardized or customized thermopile infrared array modules. that open an easy way to integrate thermopile infrared arrays in your application. in principle all types of thermopile array sensors from 8×8 to 80×64 pixel resolution can be delivered as module with customized connectivity such as usb, udp or power over ethernet (poe). customized modules are a good choice if you don’t have the resources to develop your own module or you need a fast and easy way to integrate our thermopile array sensors in your system. from an economical perspective it is in most cases recommended to develop your own solution if your application is targeted for large volumes. however up to a few thousand units per year the cost for developing your own solution can exceed the cost for just take a module ready to go. if you are interested in the possible options or there is another kind of connectivity that you are interested in, please contact our sales team through the contact form at the end of the page.
  • customized modules with any array sensor
  • usb or udp connectivity
  • power over ethernet (poe)
  • easy customer integration
  • optimized calibration
  • custom temperature range on request