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 infrared forehead thermometer specification
  measuring range 0°c to100.0°c (32.0°f to 212.0°f)
operating ambient temperature 10.0 °c to 40°c (50.0°f to104.0°f)
display resolution 0.1 °c/°f
±0.3°c at 32.0°c to 42.9 °c

±1.5°c at 0°c to 31.9°c & 43.0°c to 100°c

response time  1 sec
display resolution lcd with indicating unit 0.1°c( 0.1°f)
acoustic  1 short “bi” sound: when the unit is turned on ready for measurement

1 long “bi” sound: measurement completed

10 short “bi” sounds: fever alert

3 short “bi” sounds: system error or malfunction
memory 12 memories and auto-display the last reading when switched on.
lcd light 

glow 4 seconds when the unit is turned on.

glow 5 seconds when the measurement has been completed.

storage/transport temperature -25.0°c to 55.0°c(-13.0°f to 131.0°f)
battery  “aaa” battery x 2( do not use rechargeable batteries)