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thermopile sensors with signal processing

in general

our thermopile sensors with integrated signal processing are designed to reduce application effort in development and production. they are divided into 2 main groups of calibrated thermopile modules and fixed gain integrated sensors. a broad range of housings is available from transistor outline packages (to) through printed circuit board to smd packages. 

heimann integrated sensors are thermopile sensor, low-noise amplifier and for single sensors a temperature reference integrated in same housing. different types of signal conditioning asics can deliver analogue or digitalized output voltages for single or dual channel. they come with factory set fixed gain and can be equipped with various available or customized filters. the devices are available in 4-pin to-39/to-5 packages (his-series), 4-pin to-46/to-18 packages (him-series) or smd packages (hcm-series). main application of our integrated sensors is ndir gas detection.

heimann thermopile modules are non-contact thermometers comprising a high sensitive thermopile sensor and a signal conditioning circuit in the same housing. the thermopile modules can be supplied factory calibrated to a defined object temperature range, with or without internal temperature compensation reducing ambient temperature influence or even adjusted to fixed gain. the devices are available in standard to-39/to-5 packages (his-series), mounted on printed circuit board (htia series) or smd packages (hcm-series). different types of signal conditioning asics can deliver analog output voltages or calculated temperatures on digital sm-bus or pwm output. main application is non-contact temperature measurement.