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infrared radiation sources for gas detection and analytical instruments

infrared emitters and lamps
in combination with our high performance infrared sensors, heimann sensor offers infrared lamps and infrared radiation sources to be used together with our sensors in ndir gas detection.

broadband infrared emitte
the hsl-emirs sources are micro-machined thermal infrared emitters that allow fast electrical modulation for wavelength range up to 16 µm. a patented technology enables manufacture of sources with true black body characteristics and very high emissivity combined with low power consumption and long life time. this source is available with and without a concentrating reflector mirror. the standard version comes without window in a to39 package. optionally sapphire or other window materials are available. major advantages are high reliability, wide spectral range covering the whole spectrum typically used in ndir applications and an outstanding high modulation frequency up to 100 hz.

infrared lamp
the infrared lamps hsl 5/115, hsl 5/115-s and hsl 5/60 are low cost and reliable ir sources with a long lifetime. they can be used for wavelengths up to approximately 4.5 µm and they can be operated in dc or ac mode. typical operating conditions are 5v and 115ma resp. 60ma. the version “s” has the leads fixed in a small socket. major advantages are small size and low cost.