thermopile sensors

heimann has a variety of thermopile sensors in different sizes. we can offer single, duals, quad sensor types and even high temperature single sensors to you.

thermopile modules
heimann thermopile modules are thermopile sensors with integrated signal processing. they are consisting of radiation detecting sensor chips and integrated circuits in same housing. we offer a variety of modules from fully calibrated non-contact thermometer with digital temperature output to analog sensors with integrated fixed gain amplifiers. they can be equipped with various standard or customized infrared filter.


thermopile arrays and imaging

our productportfolio of thermopile arrays consists of linear arrays, 2d arrays, array modules and array application sets. linear arrays and 2d arrays are available in different element sizes. the array application sets make it possible that you can realize a fast and easy imaging solution for your pc. a lot of applications are possible such as industrial temperature monitoring or person detection.

pyroelectric sensors

our pyroelectric sensors are lithium tantalate based and are distinguished by a very high detectivity. we offer single, dual and quad sensor types and several types of linear arrays.

infrared sources

infrared sources are thermal infrared emitters, mostly used in appliances for gas concentration measurement.

vaccuum pressure sensors

sensors in to-packages and vacuum sensor application sets are available.

mems services
we offer bulk micromachining and surface micromachining for silicon substrates. these processes are used to produce three- dimensional-structures like micro-electromechanical systems (mems) or micromachinery.