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infrared forehead thermometer

mobile device

industrial thermometer


home application


• main application non-contact temperature measurement
• change the stove
• hair dryer
• microwave oven • toaster

industrial temperature measurement


• single-stage and multi-element sensors allow non-contact temperature measurement of distance, with fast response speed (usually <1 second):

• industrial process control and supervision
• preventive maintenance
• hot and cold spot detection (array module)
• thermal imaging

medical application



• non-contact temperature measurement obd (on-board diagnostics)
• smart climate control
• carbon dioxide and air quality
• occupancy and location detection
• pre-collision sensing
• affordable night vision
• control on the anti-fog windshield



• human detection
• law enforcement
• fire detection and risk detection
• gas leak detection


air conditioning


• non-contact temperature measurement

• air quality and comfort
• energy saving
• room check-in


pirani-vacuum gauge


• vacuum pressure reading


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