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we are a hong kong technology company. our company provides electronic product design solutions and technology consulting services in hong kong. at the same time, we are also the exclusive agent of heimann sensor in hong kong and the hong kong agent of seek sensor in the united states. our company has rich experience in the design of industrial infrared thermometers and non-contact infrared thermometers for humans, and we can provide customers with accurate and inexpensive design solutions; in crowds and thermal imaging in terms of testing, our company also has a variety of different solutions to meet the individual requirements of customers. after many customers use our solutions, they can save about 20% to 30% of the production cost.

in addition, our company also supplies various types of sensors, such as gas, temperature, infrared and thermal image detection. we can also provide attractive prices for various types of transmitters to distinguished customers, so that customers can reduce production costs to seize a larger market share. among the many existing solutions of our company, i believe that our valued customers can definitely find what you want. of course, our company can also provide more personal solutions according to the individual requirements of customers.